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Page 270

Bible of Motivational Verses Science, Religion, History Content with the 56 Epigram Impetus Improvement Virtues are Fruits of the or a Positive Spirit Table of Contents Chapter Outline & Pages

1. The Book of Facts (Pgs.292-359) Virtue of Humor

2. Weak vs. Strong Communication The Book of Tactful Humor (Pgs.360-395) Virtue of Courage

3. Inspiration -or- And Encouragement The Book of Opportunity Optimism

(Pgs.396-434) Virtue of Determination

4. The Book of Enlightenment (Pgs. 435-471) Virtue of Innocence & 18 Other Epigram Impetus Improvement Virtues

5. The Book of Love (Pgs.472-554) Virtue of Honesty

6. The Book of Philosophy (Pgs.555-586) Virtue of Creativity

7. The Book of Nature (Pgs.587-631) Virtue of Enthusiasm

8.) Psychological Illumination The Book of Wisdom (Pgs.632-673) Virtue of Honor

8A.) Financial Systems The Book of Finance (Pgs.674-689) Virtue of Cooperation

8B.) The Book of Accounting (Pgs.690-702) Virtue of Confidence

8C.) The Book of Management (Pg.703-718) Virtue of Unity (Movie Selection: A Man of All Seasons (1966) The Story of Thomas More

8D.) The Book of Marketing (Pgs.719-741) Virtue of Flexibility

8E.) The Book of Statistics (Pgs.742-752)Virtue of Idealism

8F.)The Book of Economics (Pgs.753-761) Virtue of Righteousness

9.) Book of Religion (Pgs.762-828) Virtue of Fortitude

10.) The Book Humor (Pgs.829-890) Virtue of Humility

11.) The Book of Reflection (Pgs.891-954) Virtue of Fidelity

12A)The Book Guidance (Pgs.955-979) Virtue of Curiosity;

12B) The Book of Education (Pgs.980-997) Virtue of Tact

13. Society (Pgs.998-1048) Virtue of Love

14. The Book of Peace (Pgs.1049-1121) Virtue of Forgiveness

15. A) Medical (Pgs.1122-1150) Virtue of Kindness

15.B) The Book of Medicine (Pgs.1151-1176) Virtue of Peace

15.C) Physiology (Pgs.1177-1189)Virtue of Grace

15.D) Anatomy (Pgs.1190-1202) Virtue of Purity

16A) Science (Pgs.1203-1219) Virtue of Reliability

16.B) Biology (Pgs.1220 -1230)Virtue of Devotion, Discernment, &, Humbleness

16. C) Zoology (Pgs.1231-1246) Virtue of Wisdom & Hope

16.D) Astronomy (Pgs.1247-1262) Virtue of Wonder

17. A) Technology (Pgs.1263-1284) Virtue of Strength

17.B) Mathematics (Pgs.1285-1300) Virtue of Simplicity (Movie Selection: Hidden Figures (2017)

17.C) Physics (Pgs.1301-1315) Virtue of Courtesy

17.D) Chemistry (Pgs.1316-1328) Virtue of Self-Discipline

18.) The Book History (Pgs.1329-1387) Virtue of Justice

19.) The Book of Motivation (Pgs.1388-1425) Virtue of Understanding;

 20.) The Book of Romance (Pgs.1426-1474) Virtue Love & Joy

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